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The Gas Vent Tube

The Gas Vent Tube

Product Information and Features


The tube has small holes down its length and is made from aluminium. A brass valve at the top of the tube allows connection to a gas analyser.


The gas vent tube has a polypropelene handle.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are not available for the gas vent tube; please contact us if you require a replacement tube.

Directions for Use

  • The gas vent tube is designed to be used primarily on landfill sites to detect underground gases. Once a searcher bar has been used to penetrate the ground, the gas vent tube can be inserted.
  • After the tube is placed in the ground, it should be secured in place by filling the gaps around the tube and left for the ground to settle.
  • Once the tube has been left for a sufficient amount of time, a gas analyser can be connected via a tube to the brass gas valve at the top of the gas vent tube.

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